Coaching has really shone a light on my resistance to connection and exploring the possible source of that resistance. This has been a lifelong challenge that has really eluded me until now. Having Linda ask some hard questions with regards to this has really made me confront the truth around my fear of connection. 

Not happy with the quality of your life? This may be why.

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”  In a recent keynote speech at SXSW in Texas, Esther Perel, couples and sex therapist from New York City, again made this statement and as I watched the talk for a second time it began to rattle around in my head, to solidify itself in my being. She had a damn good point.


What is Coaching?


   Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival - to be understood, to be affirmed, to be validated, to be appreciated. 

                                                                                                Steven Covey 



These three words form the cornerstones of my coaching business and my life. 

No matter what your goal, no matter what you are unhappy with in your life, no matter what you want to change you will inevitably need all three of these skills. 

The courage to do what you need to do, the communication skills to do it and the ability to make connections with those who will be a part of your journey. 

As a coach I can help you with all of these. 

Did you know that you stand a significantly greater chance of succeeding in achieving your goals if you have an accountability partner?

Did you know that coaches don’t give advice or tell you what to do?

Did you know that many CEO’s have their own coaches?

Imagine what it would be like to celebrate with someone when you achieve your goal or dream. Imagine how it would feel to have that person know exactly the struggles you went through to get to where you are and to share that celebratory moment with you.

Imagine how empowered  you would feel when you begin to learn the skills to resolve your struggles in life and no longer hear that negative voice you’ve been listening to all these years.

Imagine a relationship where someone brought their curiosity to you versus their judgement. What would it feel like to finally be heard by another person?  Understood at a deeper level?  

This is what coaching can do for you.

This is what I can do for you as your coach.

  • Create a safe environment for you to see yourself more clearly. 
  •  Help you identify gaps between where you are in your life and where and who you want to be in your life. 
  • Help you to become more self aware, to look at your behaviours and patterns from a different perspective and to work at changing those that are no longer serving you.
  • To guide you to build structure, accountability and supports in your life that ensure sustained commitment to what you are wanting and to what you are not.

If you’re feeling like something is missing in your life or you want to kick things up a notch and see what could be possible if you had someone supporting you on your journey, then you are ready for a coach.

If personal growth and development are important to you, if you want to learn more about yourself and the role you play in this world then you’re ready for a coach.  

The International Coaching Federation’s research shows that 96% of people who used coaches would do so again in their lives.  80% of those who worked with a coach had improved self confidence and 72% of people working regularly with a coach improved their communication skills.   

Taking the leap to work with a coach is a major life changing decision, and that’s exactly why you should do it. It will change your life.

Coaching is my life’s passion. In my practice I work with people who want to find their COURAGE. Who have a desire to change how they COMMUNICATE, in all areas of their lives, so they can create deeper  CONNECTIONS in their relationship and feel like they are living a more fulfilling life.

If this is you then book a free sample coaching session now. Click the blue contact box at the bottom right of your screen. 

Learn 3 easy and effective steps that will help you have a discussion about money with your partner that leaves both of you feeling calm and empowered. Listen to my feature interview on the Rise to Success podcast by clicking on the play button below. 

From The Blog

“He has never opened up like that before. You are a gift. Thank you so much for speaking with us tonight, this has been so good for him to talk about things.” A few nights ago a woman I met at our favourite lounge said this to me as she and her partner were saying goodbye.

What if I told you your not a good listener? Have you heard that before? Has a boss, your partner or even one of your children said to you, “you’re not listening to me." How can something we have been doing since we were born not be something we are good at? 

Have you ever been in a room full of people and still felt alone? Have you ever sat in a meeting or conference room and felt like you were out of place? Would it surprise you to know that the person standing across from you on the commuter train feels just as lonely as you do? 

From The Blog

“He has never opened up like that before. You are a gift. Thank you so much for speaking with us tonight, this has been so good for him to talk about things.” A few nights ago a woman I met at our favourite lounge said this to me as she and her partner were saying goodbye.



Are you are feeling stuck, discontented, off balance or unmotivated ?

Coaching will guide you through, not around, each of these feelings and have you come out the other side being more of the person you always knew you were. We will work on developing your skill of self-observation thus becoming aware of your habits and when certain tendencies arise.

Self-observation is critical in building change that you can sustain and using coaching we develop this with your learning rather than your performance. Though there are performance coaches, that is not my focus with clients. 


What will coaching do for me?

  • Discover what it is you really want in your life, and how to begin working towards it.
  • Provide a partner to hold the “big picture” for you when daily life can get you bogged down with details.
  • Help to get you unstuck from your current perspective and help you to understand how it may be holding you back.
  • Be your accountability partner as you work towards achieving that more fulfilling life you always dreamed of.
  • Provide you with someone to listen, nurture and support you without judgment, allowing you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, creating space to grow.

What will we do in coaching?

Together we will also dig into what your values are, determining what it would take to live a more fulfilling life. We will discover more about that voice inside that always sabotages you when you think about trying something new and we will discover a new voice, one that you perhaps have not listened to in a very long time. "Life can be a daring adventure," as Helen Keller once said, the question is, are you ready to go after it? 

I am a certified Life Coach through The Coaches Training Institute. I work with you to make changes in your life because what you’ve always been doing doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

By holding a safe place for you to speak and express yourself I assist by taking you from where you are in your life right now to where you want to be, who you want to be. With your effort together we begin to see changes in patterns and behaviors that will begin to serve you better. It is my job to empower you, to assist you to reach your highest level in your personal or professional development. I see  your potential, share my resources with you and demonstrate that I believe in you completely. When was the last time you felt empowered?

I offer a  free 30 minute sample session to get a taste of what coaching feels like and to see if we are a good fit. Establishing a good connection and the ability to communicate well with each other are key to a strong coaching relationship.

So go ahead, jump off the edge of the cliff, feel the fear and do it anyway… contact me for a sample coaching session …. you have nothing to lose.


Linda is an amazing coach and has become a valuable addition to my life. She is an attentive listener; and offers valuable reflections, tied in with accountability tasks, and sometimes life experiences. I appreciate the time she takes to celebrate my successes with me, as well as the times she walks me through the difficult times. She is an incredible coach, and an even more incredible person. I value our time together as well as the effort that she puts into it. She really does care about me as a person over top of everything.

Toronto, Ont.

Linda has become my new favorite person. Her exceptional coaching skills and mentorship has helped me develop myself with greater awareness, clarity and confidence. I am learning so many new skills and practices of accountability with each session. She helps bring me to my own attention! This is one of the best personal investments I've made in myself and our coaching sessions are a highlight to my week. Thank you Linda.

Sydney, B.C.

Linda is a wonderful warm, caring, highly intuitive individual who brings these qualities and so much more to each of our coaching sessions. I am so grateful to have her in my life and I truly value our time together. I have been able to see things about myself that I would not have figured if I had not had Linda, She is professional and skilled at what she does but at the same time, it is like sitting down and chatting with an old friend. Many thanks for your time and insights Linda, you are a wonderful soul!

Vancouver, BC

Coaching has really shone a light on my resistance to connection and exploring the possible source of that resistance. This has been a lifelong challenge that has really eluded me until now. Having Linda ask some hard questions with regards to this has really made me confront the truth around my fear of connection. 

Vancouver Island

Linda has been an exceptional mentor for me especially when advising about interpersonal communication and mindfulness. She is reliable, committed, driven, positive and always there for me. Coaching with her changed my perspective and expanded my horizon in so many different areas from improving my physical health to being a better teacher.

Phoenix, Arizona

When I was looking for a life coach, it was important to me that they hold me accountable for my actions and provide me with options to move forward. Linda has an amazing way of summing up how I was feeling and provided me with a different outlook on the situation. Each time she would reflect on my journey of where I wanted to be and how far I had come. When I started with Linda I was tired of seeking the advisement of friends and family around my personal life. I felt like I was always complaining with no action plan in place. Once I started to work with Linda I noticed that the time I was spending with family and friends started to become more meaningful because I was no longer complaining about life, instead I was tackling it with attainable strategies and soon celebrating my successes! 

Vancouver, BC

Linda is an excellent communication coach! I have learned so much from her about communication, perhaps about living a fulfilling life in general. Particularly I found her knowledge on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication very valuable to cultivate my family, work and social relationships. She is wise and caring; and absolutely passionate about my personal growth. Her non-directive coaching style worked so well for me, helping me to find out my goals and appropriate plans to achieve them. I wish I had known her before, and highly recommend her to others with a growth mindset.

Victoria, BC

Linda reminded me of the tools I have and offered new ones to get me on track – recognizing and planning toward my goals. Linda has enthusiasm and positive energy which supported my process. Excellent coach!

Victoria, BC

Linda is an excellent life coach who is extremely perceptive, a wonderful listener and a great accountability partner. Linda has a lovely mix of professionalism together with a great sense of fun and real zest for life which makes working with her a joy. I highly recommend her!

Parksville, BC

About Linda


I discovered life coaching while I was an expat living in Panama. There my marriage of 24 years ended and this spark of an idea that had begun to resonate with me, turned into a reality when I returned to Canada. As I began to learn about coaching I knew I had found my calling, it just took until I was 42!!! As my training evolved I learned what it meant to really listen to someone, while taking my own thoughts and putting them on the back burner. I learned what curiosity can bring to a conversation and I learned how to get unstuck from my current perspective and see a situation from a different angle.  (Because really my view is the right one right?)

As I began my coaching business my focus organically evolved and began to lean towards people who are either struggling to be good communicators or those who want to become better ones. Every relationship you have involves communicating; we all do it every day. Yet for many of us we are uncomfortable, unhappy or just plain lost when it comes to connecting and communicating with people in our lives.  How many times have you thrown up your hands and said, “I’m done!”

When my 24 year marriage ended I knew a big part of it was due to a lack of communication, on both of our parts. My journey has taught me that this is an area many of us struggle in. Whether you're 20 or 70 how we communicate with people is something many of us don’t pay too much conscious attention to, but we should.


I obtained my coaching credential from CTI – The Coaches Training Institute.  There was a complete transformation in my attitude by taking coach training. I learned life skills we should all possess.

I further hold myself accountable to my growth and development by being a member of the ICF – International Coaching Federation.  Here I must continue my learning by earning continuing education credits each year to maintain my ACC designation.

I also obtained two designations from Toastmasters International to further work on my communication and public speaking skills, my CC- Competent Communicator and my ALB- Advanced Leader Bronze.


The thing I love the most about having my own coach, yes coaches have coaches, is that my coach always “gets it.” My coach understands what it took for me to try something new and be scared and she was always the first person I wanted to tell when I accomplished that new thing. My coach’s support and lack of judgement made me feel good about myself.  This is also what you can expect from working with me as a coach.


My own life experiences of divorce, being an expat, being a mom, my personal growth and learning to be a better communicator all weave their way into my coaching style. These things have allowed me to discover my curiosity and compassion, some of the keys to being a good coach.

The power of coaching is it changes us. It brings out our brilliance, it lights us up and it opens up our lives to wonderful possibilities. It did it for me and it can do it for you. I didn’t stop to think how much my coach training would change me and how it would be the catalyst that got me through my separation.  (added bonus.)

One of the things I love the most about coaching is that with a coach we begin to feel that we can take more risk in our lives, try new things, do something we always wanted but were too scared to try. When you feel supported, acknowledged and not judged a sense of empowerment takes you to those places you never dared to go before.


I am passionate about life, about seeing it as an adventure, always wondering what is around the next corner. There is no BS with me, what you see is what you get, I am genuine and direct. Accountability and responsibility are two of my strongest values and you will see that when we work together.

I coach because it fills me up, fulfills me, gives me purpose in life. I am happy when I can help someone to change and create a better life for themselves. I love to see people realize their own potential, be there to celebrate with then when they succeed as well as be there to pick them up when they don’t.

I am also passionate about people, I’m passionate about you!

Why? Because I believe in you, I believe that you are not broken and that you naturally have what you need inside to discover your own answers. You just need a little support along the way.  If you have found my site and are reading this then you are ready to do something different with your life. You’re longing for something more has made you take action, and here we are.

So what are you going to do about it?


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