That Sunday Feeling....

Do you ever get that feeling, around dinner time on Sunday afternoon, it’s hard to describe but it’s that sense that the weekend is over. It’s time to prepare for the week ahead, no more relaxing. For some it may even be a fear of dread.

I've had this feeling for years. I start to feel a little down on Sunday evenings. In the car tonight I brought this up to my 19 year old son. I was trying to describe how I was feeling and he said, “Mom everyone has that from like the time you are 7.”  Mmm funny that’s when school starts, when you realize that school is now work and not all the fun it was when you first went.

There were however two times in my life when I didn't get that Sunday Feeling.

The first time I noticed it was when I was an expat living in Panama.  You see I wasn't working.  After 3 months of being there with nothing but time on my hands I began to work two days a week at an international school. So I was back to an alarm waking me those mornings.  Here’s the interesting thing, I didn't get that Sunday Feeling then.  And what I began to realize is that it was because I was doing something I loved, I felt connected.  I had chosen to take on this volunteer job and I loved it.  The second time I noticed it was when I was going through my coach training. I did not have a day job while doing the course and I do not recall having that Sunday Feeling during my training. Each morning brought new learning for me, I wanted to get up and start the day.

The lesson here for me is do your utmost to make sure that  whatever it is you have to do on a Monday morning, and for the rest of the week, is something you truly enjoy.  That it’s something that interests you, drives you and fuels your passion.  I still have that day job; hence I still get that Sunday Feeling. But my goal is to make my coaching practice and public speaking into a full time career.  And somehow I just know that when that happens that Sunday Feeling will no longer be a part of my life.

How do you feel on Sunday evenings?  Are you one of the lucky ones who doesn't have this experience or do you have this every week but just never put a name to it?  I would love to hear your thoughts.



Wow! An excellent article, Linda! this is something we can ALL relate to. The message is so powerful....when we love what we do, we will never work another day. It makes me think, though. Reality is that we often have to work at jobs that pay the bills and are a stepping stone to where we want to be. How can we shift our perspective in our current situations to find the silver lining, to see the opportunity, to make our situation work for US? What is your job teaching you? How is it helping your journey? Life is too short to hate Mondays...with apologies to Mama Cass Elliot! Keep up the blogging...I love how your mind works!

I can really relate to that Sunday feeling.
When I was back at school, had all my homework done, and knew that I had a really interesting class to go to ( when I knew that I was going to be truly engaged, intellectually challenged, or had something valuable to share), I couldn't wait to get out the door on Monday morning. All the morning hassles and time constraints were irrelevant and effortless, and the day would flow smoothly.
Having a very active and physically demanding job where I felt that I made a difference and was valued also made this mechanism work. It was when I felt bogged down with office politics, tight schedules and administrivia that the feeling would loom again.
I know even now that I am not working full time, that the freedom to choose what I want to work on, when, or how long I want to work on it, even when it is demanding, is what I respond to easily and positively. Deadlines, schedules, and time constraints are what appear to deaden my engagement, so my challenge is to try to find that perspective of aliveness and effortlessness in the "normal" machinery of work, and the servicing of others' schedules. Thanks for giving me a nudge to think about it.

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