Linda has become my new favorite person. Her exceptional coaching skills and mentorship has helped me develop myself with greater awareness, clarity and confidence. I am learning so many new skills and practices of accountability with each session. She helps bring me to my own attention! This is one of the best personal investments I've made in myself and our coaching sessions are a highlight to my week. Thank you Linda.




Sydney, B.C.

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Boundaries.What are they and why are we told we should have them? And why are they such a big deal?Just like morals and values, boundaries are those things that are unique to each of us that we rarely think about yet we seem 

When you think of a hero what comes to mind? Something like this picture? Movies and comic books have led us to put the word Super in front of the word hero. What if instead many of us were actually living with heros? Men would love to be our heroes.  Let me set the stage.  

As the year comes to a close I cannot help but reflect on all that I have learned in this past twelve months. It has often come to my mind this year, when working with my amazing clients, do they know how much I benefit from the experience of coaching them? I tell all of my clients what a privilege it is to be their coach, to be allowed so deeply into their personal lives, to places inside them where they have perhaps never allowed anyone to see. I am grateful for that opportunity every day. But what I don't think they know is how much they teach me.