Linda has become my new favorite person. Her exceptional coaching skills and mentorship has helped me develop myself with greater awareness, clarity and confidence. I am learning so many new skills and practices of accountability with each session. She helps bring me to my own attention! This is one of the best personal investments I've made in myself and our coaching sessions are a highlight to my week. Thank you Linda.




Sydney, B.C.

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From The Blog

“You’re always late when we get together, I find that frustrating.” Sound familiar? Do you have a friend or a colleague who is always late and you value punctuality?Or maybe they always cancel your plans at the last moment, driving you crazy.Have you ever had the courage to talk to your friend about these types of issues? Or do you just stop making the effort and within a short period of time you are no longer in each other’s lives?

You know that feeling you get when you first start dating, the one you want to last forever but it always goes away? That sense of excitement, the energy, the desire. We experience it for a short time and then, for some reason it suddenly vanishes. I recently watched Esther Perel’s TED talk, The Secret to Desire in a long term relationship. As a coach focused on courage, communication and connection I’m thinking to myself as I watch this, “Yes!! Yes!!! She’s got it!! That’s how I’ve been feeling and someone finally put it into words!!!”

I spend an awful lot of time focused on communication. Since my divorce I pay a lot closer attention to my communication skills, it has become a passion for me. Whether it’s learning how to improve through being a Toastmaster, listening to my coaching client’s and their communication issues, reading books on communication or diligently working hard each day to improve my own, it seems to surface no matter where I turn.