Coach or client; who benefits the most from the relationship?

As the year comes to a close I cannot help but reflect on all that I have learned in this past twelve months. It has often come to my mind this year, when working with my amazing clients, do they know how much I benefit from the experience of coaching them?

I tell all of my clients what a privilege it is to be their coach, to be allowed so deeply into their personal lives. To go to places inside of them where they have perhaps never allowed anyone to see. I am grateful for that opportunity every day. But what I don't think they know is how much they also teach me.

Many people have that pre-conceived belief that their coach, mentor or counsellor has all the answers, has it figured out. Well I'm here to tell you that we don't, we are human beings as well, continuing to work on our own personal growth. Often our client's may be going through similar experiences to ourselves.  As we listen deeply to their feelings and experiences we can learn how to perhaps handle our own unique situations better because of the vulnerability of our clients.

As I hear my client's working on their communication skills, I continue to work on mine. As I hear them struggle with their saboteur on a regular basis, I think about my own. As I celebrate with them their many accomplishments I am reminded of my own.  For in the end the one thing we have in common is that we are all human beings trying to do the best we can on this planet.

To my clients I want to say thank you, I am so grateful for having you in my life and for what you have taught me. I look forward to the new experiences that 2014 will bring me as a coach, what do you look forward to?


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Learning that you don't communicate well after 24 years of marriage can be a hard pill to swallow. Realizing you have a tremendous amount to learn when you are already 42 years old is also a little hard to stomach. 

It’s my greatest fear.  Only a handful of people in the world know that, it’s not something I share. It literally scares me to the point where I can feel the anxiety in my body, in my breathing. This week I realized that my greatest fear may indeed be my greatest motivator.

Last week my son bought a record player. Do you remember those? Apparently they never really went away and are making a resurgence. We also each bought a few albums. Upon coming home lwe played some ABBA and Supertramp, both singing along to the familiar favorites. We had a great time together as we enjoyed the amazing sound and the memories. The next morning I was up before him and I chose to put on that Supertramp album again. I decided to sit on the couch in the middle of the speakers and just listen, I didn't read a book or putz around the house, I just sat there and listened. Something wonderful happened.