Coaching has really shone a light on my resistance to connection and exploring the possible source of that resistance. This has been a lifelong challenge that has really eluded me until now. Having Linda ask some hard questions with regards to this has really made me confront the truth around my fear of connection. 




Vancouver Island

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From The Blog

 It takes courage to make a change. It also takes self awareness that something needs to be done differently this time and it takes a desire to actually make it happen. I recently gave a speech at my Toastmasters club entitled 3 Keys to Lasting Change about ways to create some of the changes many of us are wanting in our lives.   I thought that I would share those with you this month. Those 3 Keys are:

  1. Clear Vision
  2. Limiting Beliefs and how they sabotage us.
  3. Accountability.

Is there something in your life you truly hate? Something you just can’t stand? Do you know why you hate it? I have very strong feelings about large corporations. I have this strong dislike because I have spent 21 years of my working life in them.  I never really fit in; I always questioned why they were doing what they were doing. It was never logical to me. And it was ALWAYS about the bottom line.

Several weeks ago I was involved in a car accident.